7 Wardrobe pieces to GIVE UP this Lent

This year for lent, why not start with a wardrobe cleanse, rather than the unrealistic target of ridding wine and chocolate? Banishing old clothes, or simply trying to go 45 days without your worn-out uggs will be the best change you’ve ever made. 

Gone are the days of black skinny jeans. Its all about flares, straight cut, boyfriend and Mom styles, these days. Also, we’re sorry to tell you, but its time to give up denim leggings and low-rise jeans too. Get rid!

1. Low rise jeans 2. Denim Leggings 3. Bodycon dresses 4. Wedges (especially cork-soled) 5. Coloured tights 6. Chunky necklaces 7. Waterfall cardigans/coats/jackets