Alexa Chung: Festival Favourite

That was ‘favourite’ — singular not plural. Because without a shadow of a doubt, Alexa Chung is everyone’s favourite festival-goer. She’s kind of like ice-cream — there’s no one flavour we’d adhere ourselves to for all of eternity because they’re all pretty great, but it’s the fundamental choice of whether or not we’ll eat ice-cream for the rest of our lives with the answer being heck yes we will.

Are you still with me?

Okay, let’s try this again. Alexa Chung is many things, but she is a style icon before anything else. We’ve watched her walk down red carpets, spin the decks and grab coffee in the most awe-inspiring outfits. And to top it all off, she does it stylist-free. I know. She actually dresses herself and still manages to absolutely kill it every time.

With that being said, the young presenter-turned-DJ-turned-entrepreneur seems to particularly outshine herself during festival season. Magazines lose their heads trying to be the first to post her looks on Instagram, and fans are avid with their #reposts and #outfitgoals. So in appreciation of Alexa’s sartorial supremacy, we’ve collated our favourite festival outfits by the #stylequeen. #Yas.