Closet detox advice from the Style Sisters

The 'Style Sisters,' best friends Gemma and Charlotte, share a love for transforming the closet spaces of the stars. They've detoxed the closets of Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue, Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattinson and Love Island's Olivia Atwood, so keep reading to learn their advice to detox your own closet.

1. Get Everything Out

The only way to do a detox properly is to empty out everything. Yes this includes all your socks, pants and pyjamas. This way you can see exactly everything you have!

2. Keep/Sell/Maybe

When you have everything out, separate your items in three piles. If you are hesitating over a piece of clothing you have, the girls’ advice? Get rid! If you think twice about something, you don’t love it enough! Simple as that. Why not donate some of the pieces you want no longer want?

3. Closet Accessories

Yes there is such a thing as closet accessories and you need them! No more odd socks or panicked search for a pair of underwear – this divider will save you time and keep your undies organised. 

4. Smart Shopping 

The “Style Sisters” recommend that once you have detoxed, keep an eye on your future shopping habits. Already got 4 pairs of the same style of jeans? You don’t need to buy anymore! Invest in key staples like a leather jacket or a good quality jumper!