With collaborations popping up left right and centre nowadays, it’s quite the task to work out what is worth the hype and what isn’t ? So let us introduce you to one collaboration you are going to want to seek out.

Celebrating their 75th year, New York based Coach have tapped up the House of Mouse for a brand new capsule collection as part of a series of collabs to appear throughout 2016. Coach are far from the first brand to collaborate with Disney in recent times, the likes of Vans, Wood Wood and more recently Dolce & Gabbana all having beaten Coach to a bite of the Disney cherry. However this collaboration is for me far more refined than the efforts of those brands listed previously. This is a very minimal, very delicate collaboration. Every care has been taken to accentuate the little details featuring everybody’s favourite mouse, Mickey.

So why Disney ? It was in fact Creative Director Stuart Vevers who approached Disney for the collaboration as he felt that the playfulness and the associations of joy and creativity that are attached to the image of Mickey would reflect well in a small collection to celebrate the brand’s milestone year. It was also important to him and the brand that they worked only with the most iconic American names throughout this anniversary year. Naturally Disney is a perfect fit.

Appearing on T-shirts, Bags, Wallets, Trainers, Dolls and a studded leather jacket alongside various home accessories, the collection features Mickey Mouse and his iconic imagery on each piece. The leather accessories feature small embossed Mickey’s in 5 different postures with each posture featured throughout the collection. Mickey’s iconic body parts (nothing grim about that), such as his white gloved hand, his yellow boot, his red panties and not forgetting his world famous ears also feature on key rings, hang tags and bookmarks.

It is surely going to be a tough one to top but there will be a lot of excitement ahead of the launch of the next collaboration from Coach due later this year. But what better way to kick off proceedings than with Disney.