Five Situations Where Enty Is Your BFF

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Who knows what is around the corner in life and picking an outfit can make big moments or difficult decisions even tougher. With professional Stylists on hand seven days a week Enty is your new BFF when it comes to selecting what to wear.

A Date: Picking an outfit for a first date can be terrifying, especially if there is no one else in the house to give you advice (or you don’t want the typical ‘cover up’ comments from your parents). Pop some outfit choices on the Enty app and our professionals will help you nail that look!

Out Shopping: The feeling of not being able to decide between two items in a shop but knowing your credit card will probably be declined if you try to purchase both is something no one should go through alone. Upload the two options to Enty and have our users vote for the item that they love the most.

“Pop some outfit choices on the Enty app and our professionals will help you nail that look”

Meeting Your Other Half’s Parents: The last thing you want is your partner giving you that look and asking “are you really going to wear that” moments before heading out the door. Pre-planning an outfit and asking the community on our app will help you to decide what to wear for that big moment.

A Job Interview: Whilst we can’t sit the interview for you or feed answers through your ear, our Stylists can help you put together the right outfit so that you are feeling super confident and the best version of yourself.

A Family Party: Family parties are a minefield when it comes to outfit choices. Wear ripped jeans and you will be sick of the dad jokes by the end of the night. Turn up looking like the next Kardashian and you’ll have to spend far too much time explaining to Aunty Jane that you do have career aspirations that don’t involve getting naked. So, you guessed it, ask our Stylists and users on the app for guidance on what to wear!