How to be a Savvy Shopper

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

57% of our users this week said that they feel like they spend too much money on clothes. First of all, what are the other 43% doing with your spare time if you aren’t emptying your bank account at the shopping mall? Please help us poor women with no self-control learn your ways. Let’s admit, it would feel nice to have some spare cash at the end of the month, but shoes aren’t going to buy themselves so give these tips a whirl to try and reign in your love for spending.

Make yourself look at a new purchase every day

Next time you buy something — because there is no point denying that there will be a next time — hang it somewhere visible in your bedroom for the duration of your returns policy. It has to be something you see everyday — maybe on the back of your door, or on the side of your mirror.

If you see the item and have a burning desire to put it on and wear it straight away, or at least within the first week, then you have succeeded and bought an item you actually need. But, If the item sits there and you realise: “I have nothing to wear that with” then return it. Even if it means walking into the store almost in tears at the loss of the beautiful jumpsuit your friends told you that you absolutely needed.

Don’t save your card details online

When you have your card details stored on your laptop or on a website then you have very little time to think between adding an item to your cart and it arriving on your doorstep. Remove these details, allowing you to take a moment to consider whether you actually need another coat to add to the collection.

Regularly cleanse your wardrobe

Whilst cleaning your wardrobe is often associated with getting rid of clothes to make space for new ones, actually sifting through your hoards of clothes allows you to find some treasures you had forgotten about. See our post on wardrobe cleansing for more guidance.

Hunt down those promotional codes

Almost every website you will be tempted to order from will have a discount or promotion advertised on their site, make a note of it and shop according to what the discount is. If the website isn’t advertising a discount code then search for one on google. You will be surprised how many codes are stored on websites saving you $5 here and there. If those two steps fail you, get a student discount code from someone you know, but do not let yourself purchase something without hunting for a deal!

Find another form of therapy

We are all guilty of pulling a Blair Waldorf and giving in to a little ‘retail therapy’ when something goes wrong. But, as much as shopping can make you feel better it really won’t make you feel better when you check your bank statement. Don’t underestimate the power of a bath, a face mask and a G&T which is a fraction of the price of a shopping spree.