How To Dress For Your Age

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Fashion is supposed to be fun and the fun should not stop as you get older. 

So, we have come up with an idea of what styles you should be looking out for depending on your age to make sure the fashion  fun doesn't stop! 

In your teens/20s

This is the time to experiment! Find out what you enjoy wearing whether that’s head to toe colour, busy patterns or all black. Experimenting will teach you what your style is and help with all future clothing purchases! 

Top - Topshop Trousers - H&M  Skirt - Monki 

In your 30s/40s 

This is the time to invest in great pieces to show off your sense of style. Items like a great fitted blazer, weekend jeans and leather boots are great basics to have. Look to the high street for more playful pieces you can add. 

Blazer - H&M Jeans - Zara Boots - Topshop 

In your 50s+ 

So you've played around with your style in the past but that doesn't mean you’re not allowed to experiment now. You just need to focus on fit and style. For example, loved wearing leather in your former years? Why not try a leather A-line skirt instead of a fitted style? 

Dress - H&M  Jumper - Mango  Skirt - Zara 

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