Meet Celebrity Stylist: Brittany Diego

 Brittany Diego (@brittanydiego) is a celebrity stylist and fashion consultant based in Los Angeles.

Brittany has super experience of what it is like working with celebrities such as Chloe Lukasiak, Karen Civil, Trevor Jackson and also has extensive brand experience with brands JustFab, MTV and Fox Studios. 

Want to know how she does it? Check out our interview with her: 

What encouraged you to become a celebrity stylist?

Growing up, I was always obsessed with awards shows like the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes and knew one day I wanted to see my work grace those carpets. My grandparents used to clip the LA Times section where they cover the red carpets and save it for me, I just loved the glamour of it all. When I actually started working in the industry, I initially worked in editorial departments for various magazines. I eventually started working with celebrities and fell in love with the fast paced nature, it never gets boring.

What are your main challenges in your job and how do you overcome them?

The main challenge of celebrity styling is sometimes there are too many chefs in the kitchen, meaning everyone on that person's team wants to add their input during the fitting. But in reality, I think choosing that winning look is personal and should be determined between me and the person wearing it.

The way I overcame that was by standing my ground and really learning to voice my opinion as an expert. I realized that person hired ME for a reason so I learnt to stand firm and carry myself as the expert in the room. Plus, if I don't stand up for myself, no one else will.

One piece of advice for stylists, new and current?

Find a mentor in the industry who is going to teach you the skills you actually need to make it as a stylist. 

A mentor will encourage you to ask questions that will contribute to your growth because at the end of the day, this is a business and creativity is only a small fraction of what it takes to become a successful stylist. This is why I created my website Fashion Mentor ( to teach new and seasoned stylists the things I wish I knew when I started out, and I mean everything. 

You can only take one item from your stylist kit to a shoot: What would it be and why?

Clips! They can make absolutely any garment look like it tailor-made for the person wearing it. They are a lifesaver.

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