One Dress Many Ways, DIY Fashion and Drunk Texting

We were intrigued to know whether our users often buy a new outfit for a night out, 54% of them said yes! Well girls, there is no need to be spending that hard earned money on a new outfit for you to forget to take a gorgeous photo in your new dress before you spill tequila down it. So, this week we have some advice on how to wear the same dress in many ways and how you can do some style DIY with old clothes.

One Dress, Many Ways

What happens when multiple women are asked to style the same dress? You are left with endless style inspiration! A trusty Little Black Dress (LBD) can provide you with tonnes of different looks. Here are a few ways in which you can wear the same dress without anyone noticing.

Accessories: A necklace, body chain, belt or statement earrings can all create a whole new look, just don’t over do it and end up looking like your grandma’s jewellery box.

Shoes: Your footwear plays a huge role in styling an LBD, a pair of thigh high boots will look completely different to some strappy heels. So mix up your shoes and shake up that outfit.

Jackets: A jacket can completely change an outfit. You can switch your dress from ‘casual lunch’ to ‘glam club night’ in a matter of seconds by swapping a denim jacket for a leather one. Alternatively you can wear a colourful blazer for an elegant yet exciting look.

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Fashion DIY

You don’t always have to buy something new to create a new outfit, sometimes all you need is a pair of scissors and an imagination. It can be super easy to turn a dress or jumpsuit into a brand new top for you to wear out, or you can transform some old boring jeans.

1. Turn an oversized shirt into a crop top.

All you need to do here, is cut off the sleeves and collar, cut off the buttons, put the top on backwards and tie up the remainder of the shirt! Alternatively you can just take the shirt uncut and instead of doing up the buttons, take the fabric and tie it in a knot. Two new tops from just one shirt?! Fab.

2. Give your jeans a makeover.

Everyone loves a pair of jeans that make a statement. With just a pair of scissors and a cheese grater you can recreate this look. Simply cut vertically up the hem of your jeans so that you have multiple tassels, then run the edge of them along a cheese grater for a more rugged texture. Once you have done this, pop them in the wash to get rid of the ‘freshly cut’ look. Simple!

If you’re not sure whether you managed your fashion DIY task or want help recycling a specific items just ask us on the Enty app!

Totally Unrelated But We Love It Anyway

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