The App That Allows You To Trade Clothes With Friends

Have you ever wanted to trade closets with someone because you love what’s in it so much?

Well, with Tulerie you can. 

Tulerie is a borrowing app currently available on the US app store  

 The app enables you can search for the pieces you want to borrow from people who are willing to lend out their items. 

This means you don’t have to buy new clothes in order to update your closet. You can constantly keep refreshing through the simple act of borrowing.

Fancy becoming a lender? If approved, you can earn money from letting others borrow your items and you decide how much and how long for.

Don't worry ladies in the UK, Tulerie has plans to launch in the future! 

Check out the Tulerie app here to find out how to get involved!

Why not show our Stylists what you borrow?