The Golden Rules When Dressing for A Family Dinner

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Family dinners have huge potential to be a gruelling and stressful experience. With the older generation, sometimes being judgmental of our outfit choices and the way we express ourselves it can be difficult to please every Grandma and older family member in the room. We have four of our top tips that you should follow when considering what to wear for a family event.

Dress for Your Audience

If family events feel like an appearance in the courtroom then perhaps it is best to dress to please. Wearing conservative clothes that suit your personal taste is the safest bet when attending a family dinner. It is easier to slip into a pair of jeans, a blazer and a blouse or a high neck dress than it is to listen to Aunt Carol trying to tell you how to style your clothes - perhaps you should tell her to download the Enty App so that she stops wearing those beige chinos.

No Ripped Jeans

Most of us have heard those awful dad jokes “did you get those half price?”, “you have a hole in your jeans” and “have you been attacked by a bear”. By the time you have left the dinner your jeans won’t be the only things ripped to shreds, your sanity and patience will also be hanging onto the last thread. If you want to wear jeans, then opt for a pair of black or dark blue jeans, and make sure you pair them with a shirt or blouse for sophisticated look. Otherwise, a pair of tailored trousers or a pencil skirt would be a sensible option, both worn with a tee for a smart casual look.

Don’t Flaunt Your Assets

The saying “if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ does not apply to family dinners. You need to apply the chest and leg rule here making sure that neither your bum or boobs are on show. If you are wearing a top that shows your chest then make sure you are wearing trousers or tights. Alternatively, if you are baring your legs then ensure your chest is sufficiently covered.

Leave Your Expensive Items at Home

When dressing for your family, you want to dress with sophistication to show them that you are absolutely killing adult life, but leave the Gucci at home. There is nothing worse than someone pointing out an accessory or piece of clothing you worked extremely hard to buy and saying, “I thought you had no money?”. Unfortunately, extended family members don’t tend to understand that struggling with rent and bills is much less stressful when wearing a designer label. Plus, if you successfully make them see that you are working hard but aren’t spending your money on silly things *Gucci is not silly* then they are more likely to slip some money in your next birthday card!