Three Bags Every Woman Should Own

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

We asked on the app whether Enty users would rather spend more money on shoes or handbags. 65% think that their money is best spent on shoes, we don’t blame them, shoes are fab! But, every girl needs a set of handbags to use for different occasions.

Handbags can often seem like the final and least important detail when it comes to styling an outfit, but do not underestimate the power a perfect bag can have. With so many bags for all sorts of occasion out there in the stores, we have narrowed down three types that every woman should own.

1) The Shopper Bag

A large over the shoulder bag completes a casual outfit for heading out to the shops. It goes without saying that us women can’t leave the house without far too many items in our handbag, and while these bags are perfect for allowing you to pack your whole bedroom plus the kitchen sink, they are also perfect for carrying your purchases so that your hands are free to navigate the clothes rails.

2) An Evening Clutch Bag

A conveniently sized bag is exactly what you need to polish off your look when heading out for a drink. Invest in a clutch bag that fits all of your basic evening necessities inside, but ensure that it a neutral colour that will go with almost any outfit to save you having to buy one in every colour (even though that is more fun). Alternatively, if you find that many of your evening outfits are all black or can sometimes look plain, then a statement clutch bag will be your best friend.

3) A Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag can make an outfit. Not only are they super convenient for a day of wandering galleries, sipping coffee and exploring a market they add a whole new dimension to your look. A crossbody looks super stylish whilst leaving your hands free for more fun activities than constantly re-adjusting a heavy bag on your shoulder. Plus, heading out of the house with limited storage space means that you can’t fill your bag with rubbish you are inevitably going to forget about until you next use it.