Transitioning from Summer to Autumn

Transitioning your #wardrobe from Summer to #Autumn can be tricky, It’s not cold enough to bring out the heavy duty winter jackets and it’s not warm enough to browse around in slippers and dress.

Below are a few tips on how you can transition your summer clothes into Autumn.

1. Hang on to your leather jackets!

I usually own several different colours and styles. Pairing a leather jacket with a summer maxi creates such an effortless, chic look that’s perfect for so many different occasions. A leather jacket is light weight and a perfect piece for autumn.

2. Throw on a pair of opaque tights with your denim shorts underneath. A pair of opaque tights are a great option for those few pairs of shorts that you’re just not ready to pack away quite yet. Tights add an ounce of conservativeness to the overall outfit, especially when you are wearing a pair of really short shorts, dresses and mini skirts.

3. Style your open toe heels and sandals with jeans. 

Great thing about fall weather is that it’s a slow progression, especially throughout September when it’s still warm enough to show a little skin. The effortless look of sandals with your favorite pair of utility jacket is the perfect look for fall.

4. Dust off your over the knee boots! Pairing them with a mini-dress minus the tights is a great way to show off the last few weeks of your sun-kissed summer legs that you worked so hard for while still staying cozy.

5. Layering  Layering is a fun way to experiment with clothes and keep you warm whislt adding some fun factor to your wardrobe.Wear a fitted sweater or a buttoned up cardigan over your summer dress to for an instant preppy look. Try a thin-knit turtleneck in a contrasting solid color under a sleeveless top this instantly vamps up the entire outfit.