Wardrobe Cleansing, Sample Sales and Getting Cash Back From Your Friends

Last week we asked our users if they knew what they had in their wardrobes. Almost half of them said that they didn’t. What if there was a dead body in there? Or a lost Lanvin jacket? Ok, both are fairly unlikely, but the point remains the same — it is time for many of our users to have a detox.

Here’s our handy guide for giving your wardrobe a cleanse:

Top 5 Websites For Re-selling Clothes

It can sometimes feel wrong having a wardrobe clear out, and throwing shoes and clothes away is painful, but getting rid of some unworn items that can be an easy way to make some quick money.

Here are five websites where clothes can be exchanged for cash:

  1. Snobswap

  2. eBay

  3. Depop

  4. Facebook Marketplace

  5. Vinted

Tips On Making That Item Sell

It’s all very well popping a picture of an old top online, but the item needs to sell.

Try these 3 top tips to sell items online faster:

  1. Get Good Lighting — Make sure that the picture is taken in a bright room, with flash on if necessary, to show the true colours of the item.

  2. At Least 5 Images — People want to know exactly what they are buying, so upload as many images of the item as possible including the label and close-ups of any detail to show the condition that the item is in.

  3. Set A Realistic Price — Be realistic with the price of items, question how much the item is worth in the stores and how much someone would be willing to pay for it.

Remember, if you are unsure whether to keep an item or not, then upload it to the Enty app and have one of our Stylists assist with a wardrobe clear out!

Tips from the expert: Get Organised!

Now you’ve sorted through your wardrobe and figured out which items are worth keeping, it’s time to get organised! Fashion Journalist Alyson Walsh provides some nifty tips on how to decide what to keep and how you can organise your clothes to make finding an outfit easier.

  1. Group clothes into sections — work, weekend and special occasions. This makes it easier to see what is there.

  2. Pack up the items that won’t be need for a while — so summer clothes can be packed away until we see some sun.

  3. Purchase some stacking boxes — they are perfect for keeping belts, scarves and accessories tidy.

  4. Add a shoe rack to your wardrobe — they look great and creates organisation for many pairs of shoes. This makes styling an outfit easier and faster.