Your Fashion New Year's Resolutions

It's officially 2019 and we want you to look as great as you feel - refreshed and determined for a great year!

1. Wear more colour 

Perhaps this year, you would like to steer away from darker colours and instead try to include a colourful piece in every outfit. This can be as small as a necklace, but can make a great improvement to an outfit. 

2. Don't look to trends too much 

Here at Enty we believe in personal style more than what any catwalk is showcasing. You know what you like and what you feel comfortable with - no fashion magazine can tell you that. 

3. Consume less, recycle more 

We all love buying something new to add to our closets but how about looking in charity shops or swapping clothes with your friends instead? You'll be doing your bit for the environment plus it will likely save you money these ways too. 

Don't forget to show us your New Year's Day Outfit!